HintonBurdick Re-Branded!

February 21, 2019
By: Chad Atkinson

HintonBurdick’s new website went live on January 29, 2019.  The completion of the website marks the culmination of a rebranding process for the firm as well.  During rebranding, the firm leaders had a chance to really “kick the tires” of the firm and examine what key values have made us successful in the past, what is fueling our current growth, and what will take us into the future.  On the firm vision page you will find the cornerstones of our business.  We are excited to present these cornerstones to the public and believe they capture the essence of our business strategies.  We want to thank our former Business Development Director Kacey Jones, Catalyst Group and Tenth Muse Design for all of their consultation and assistance with our rebranding process and new website.

What is next for HintonBurdick?  We are vigorously deploying our expertise, pathfinding, partnering, and teamwork skills to help lift our clients and potential clients to higher ground.  If you are a client or a potential client of HintonBurdick, contact a member of our team today to see what our team has to offer beyond routine compliance services.  Let us consult with you on your short and long-term financial goals so you can reach your desired financial destination.

Are you looking for a group of experts to assist you with a particular industry?  Check out our industry page for the niches we know best.  Our teams of experts in these industries can help you with any question, service, or consultation that is needed to move you down the path of financial success.  Contact a practice group leader / industry expert today to set up a consultation.

Our firm is positioned to grow with our clients in 2019.  We have the resources and expertise to exceed the expectations of our clients now and into the future.  Find out what HintonBurdick can do for your organization!

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