Audit & Attest Services

Audit & Attest Services

For more than 40 years, HintonBurdick has established a reputation for providing auditing services of the highest quality and value. We are a leading provider of audit and related services in the areas we serve as a result of our goal to provide amazing client service through our focus on the following qualities and characteristics:

HintonBurdick participates in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ quality review program. See our most recent independent peer review report.

HintonBurdick is an active member of:

  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Government Audit Quality Center
  • Arizona, Nevada and Utah Association of Certified Public Accountants
  • Governmental Finance Officers Association
  • Arizona and Utah Government Finance Officer Association


Our audit department performs more than 170 audits every year. Our specialization in auditing has allowed us to develop techniques and procedures which are highly efficient and enable us to provide more effective audit services at reasonable rates. We not only have staff who specialize in audits, but we are also specialized by industry and are well suited to handle the changing needs of your specific industry.

Personal Interest

We take a personal interest in our clients. We believe that, in addition to the audit, we can provide commitment, concern, attention, and resources to help you cope with the many challenges of your organization. We are dedicated to providing you with prompt and effective services that not only respond to your needs but anticipate them.

We are concerned about completing your audit in a timely manner. We work long hours during the audit fieldwork and our staff size allows the assignment of resources to complete the on-site audit work in the shortest possible time to minimize day-to-day disruption.

Our goal is to ensure that after the audit is complete, we are on the same page. We take the time to review our audit adjustments with your accounting staff and ensure that the audited trial balance is reconciled to your trial balance.

Open and Prompt Communication

We believe in open communication and no surprises. We provide draft reports and findings for your review in advance of their issuance. Our audit teams are approachable and members of our team are continuously accessible and responsive to your needs.

We understand that while management is responsible for the success of the company, independent accounting professionals can provide valuable resources to support management efforts. HintonBurdick is “on call” twenty-four hours a day – committed to prompt communication.

Character & Quality of Staff

Our clients frequently tell us that the character and personality of our staff is one of our biggest strengths and they enjoy working with them. Our audit teams consist of a partner and certified public accountants that are highly trained and have sufficient expertise to meet or exceed your highest expectations. We do not assign a team of lower-level staff who need to be “trained” by your staff. The partner will personally manage the entire engagement. HintonBurdick has experienced low staff attrition which allows us to provide our clients with experienced professional staff on a continuing basis.

Analytical and Thorough Approach – Added Value

Because it is a common service, an audit is sometimes viewed as a commodity to be acquired at the lowest price. Many entities have learned by sad experience that this is a dangerous practice. We believe, and have demonstrated repeatedly, that the annual audit should complement and enhance management, in addition to providing the desired assurances of a thorough, professional examination of the records.

Our firm structure and staff size enable us to provide more value by allowing professional staff to perform tasks that match their expertise level. We are constantly alert during our examination, and it is not uncommon for us to discover situations during the audit which result in savings to entities of thousands of dollars, often much greater than our fee. In addition to auditing financial results, we look at the overall performance and operations of the entity. We step back and review financial relationships and analyze expectations based on our knowledge of the client, the industry and our numerous years of experience. This analytical approach often reveals problems that may have been missed by simply performing “canned” audit procedures and checklists. We also provide financial trend analysis of your entity during our audit presentation to the governing board.

During our new audit engagements, we frequently find that some departments and transactions have been overlooked by prior auditors. We make a point to continue our thorough approach from year to year which enhances the awareness of the audit requirements and encourages department heads to follow policies and procedures. As a result, you will receive added value from the audit.

Practical Findings and Recommendations

As a result of our analytical and thorough approach to our audits, we provide added value. We communicate, in writing, constructive, practical suggestions for strengthening overall management and internal accounting controls and procedures.


Our standard outlook is to improve your organization’s ability to provide accurate and timely financial reports. Our goal is to help you understand your financial statements or the reason for certain procedures or entries, so you get more than just an audit. We will work with your staff to help them understand the audit adjustments and any findings and recommendations issued as a result of the audit. HintonBurdick has extensive experience with assisting and training our clients with their financial accounting and fiscal responsibilities. We hold educational seminars every year that provide training to management and accounting staff on accounting, internal control, and compliance issues.

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